Services for Places of Worship

Camera Installation

  • Free site survey and quotation.
  • Complete installation of an tailored solution for each premises.
  • Provision of equipment and labour.
  • Provision of broadband through Church Telecom, offering savings.


  • Choice of packages starting at €50/£50 per month.
  • Build your package to suit the requirements of your parish.
  • Emphasis on delivering a high quality picture.


  • Provision of daily statistics e.g. viewer numbers, hours viewed, viewer location etc.
  • Administration area will give number of live viewers at any given time.


  • Technical support 7 days per week.
  • Remote assistance available.
  • Daily monitoring for quality and service.
  • Maintenance contract to cover entire system.
  • Recording of live services.
  • Download of recorded live services.
  • Set Top Box for viewing of services on TV sets.
  • Service available on mobile devices.
  • Facility to upload local video material.

Services for Viewers

  • Viewing of live content on is free to viewers.
  • Downloading of recorded services is free.
  • Viewing of stored content is free.
  • Daily mass readings available in Irish and English online.
  • Daily news available free.
  • Daily schedule of services available free.