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Wedding: Steven Traynor and Kim Day 11:55 03-07-2021
Sunday Mass, (no music) 17:15 21-04-2024
Sunday Mass 10:45 21-04-2024
Daily Mass 19:00 19-04-2024
Sunday Mass, (no music) 17:15 14-04-2024
Sunday Mass 10:45 14-04-2024
Sunday Mass (Hymns) 09:00 14-04-2024
Daily Mass 19:00 12-04-2024
Sunday Mass, (no music) 17:15 07-04-2024
Sunday Mass 10:45 07-04-2024
Sunday Mass (Hymns) 09:00 07-04-2024
Daily Mass 19:00 05-04-2024
Sunday Mass 10:45 31-03-2024
Sunday Mass (Hymns) 09:00 31-03-2024
Solemn Vigil of Easter 20:00 30-03-2024
Swieçonka — blessing of Easter food 12:00 30-03-2024
Office of Readings and Lauds of Holy Saturday 10:00 30-03-2024
Solemn Liturgy of the Lord's Passion 15:00 29-03-2024
Mass of the Lord's Supper 20:00 28-03-2024
Sunday Mass, (no music) 17:15 24-03-2024
Sunday Mass 10:45 24-03-2024
Sunday Mass (Hymns) 09:00 24-03-2024
Daily Mass 19:00 22-03-2024
Sunday Mass, (no music) 17:15 17-03-2024
Sunday Mass 10:45 17-03-2024
Sunday Mass (Hymns) 09:00 17-03-2024
Daily Mass 19:00 15-03-2024
Sunday Mass, (no music) 17:15 10-03-2024
Sunday Mass 10:45 10-03-2024
Sunday Mass (Hymns) 09:00 10-03-2024
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The Second Crusade
The Survival of the Crusader States
St Simon Stock and the Carmelites
3. The Greek and Hebrew World 2
2. The Greek and Hebrew World
2. Early Norman England
The 7th & 8th Crusades, Fall of Acre & Dissolution of the Templars
B26 Church Life 3: Merrie England
B25 Church Life 2: The Parish Church
B24 Church Life 1: The Great Churches
Solemn Mass according to the Use of Sarum
B23 Those Borgias!
B 20 The English Church and Crown in the Middle Ages
B 17 The Seventh Crusade
B 16 The Fifth and Sixth Crusades
B 10 The Third Crusade Part 2
B 09 The Third Crusade, Part 1
Pope Innocent III and the Fourth Lateran Council
Popes, Councils and Conciliarism in the 15th Century
The Fourth Crusade
B17 The Black Death; John Wycliffe and the Lollards
B16 The English Church and Crown in the Middle Ages
B15 The Avignon Papacy and the Great Western Schism
B03c The Official, 'Princes' Crusade
B03a Background to the First Crusade
B03b The People's Crusade
B11 The Franciscan Movement
B10 Hildegard of Bingen
9. St Dominic, the Dominicans and the Inquisition
B 08 Heretics; Bogomils and Cathars

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