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Sunday Mass 11am(Weekday 10am Mass will resume from Ash Wednesday (2nd March)
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Sunday Mass 11am(Weekday 10am Mass will resume from Ash Wednesday (2nd March)...
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 15-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 14-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 13-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 12-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 11-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 10-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 08-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 07-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 06-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 05-01-2022
Daily Mass at 10am 09:55 04-01-2022
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 03-01-2022
Sunday Mass at 11am 10:55 02-01-2022
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 01-01-2022
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 31-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 30-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 29-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 28-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 27-12-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 26-12-2021
Christmas Day Mass 10.30am 10:25 25-12-2021
Christmas Day Mass 9am 08:55 25-12-2021
Christmas Eve Mass at 7pm 18:55 24-12-2021
Christmas Eve Mass 5pm 16:55 24-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 23-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 22-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 21-12-2021
Daily 10am Mas 09:55 20-12-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 19-12-2021
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Homily 28thNov2021 1st Sunday of Advent C
Homily 27Nov2021 LK21:34-36 YR1 WK34 Saturday
Homily 25Nov2021 LK21:29-33 YR1 WK34 Friday
Homily 25Nov2021 LK21:20-28 YR1 WK34 Thursday
Homily 24Nov2021 LK21:12-19 YR1 WK34 Wednesday
Homily 23Nov2021 LK21:5-11 YR1WK34 Tuesday
Homily 21Nov2021 Jn18:33-37 Christ the King
Homily 20Nov2021 LK20:27-40 YR1 WK33 Saturday
Homily 19Nov2021 LK19:45-48 YR1 WK33 Friday
Homily 18Nov2021 LK19:41-44 YR1 WK33 Thursday
Homily 17Nov2021 LK19:11-28 YR1 WK33 Wednesday
Homily 16Nov2021 LK19:1-10 YR1 WK33
Homily 15Nov2021 LK18:35-43 YR1 WK33 Monday
Homily 14Nov2021 Remembrance Sunday
Homily 13Nov2021 LK18:1-8 YR1 WK22 Saturday
Homily 12Nov2021 LK17:26-37 YR1 WK22 Friday
Homily 11Nov2021 LK17:20-25 YR1 WK22 Thursday
Homily 10Nov2021 LK17:11-19
Homily 08Nov2021 Feast of All Saints of Wales
Homily 07Nov2021 MK12:38-44 32nd Sunday OTB
Homily 06Nov2021 LK16:9-15 YR1 WK22 Saturday
Homily 02Nov2021 All Souls Day
Homily 01Nov2021 LK14:12-14
Homily 30Oct2021 LK14:7-11 YR1 WK30 Saturday
Homily 29Oct2021 LK14:1-6 YR1 WK30
Homily 28Oct2021 Ss Simon&Jude Apostles
Homily 27Oct2021 Rom 8:28 YR1 WK30 Wednesday
Homily 26Oct2021 Rom 8:18-25 YR1 WK30 Tuesday
Homily 24Oct2021 MK10:46-52 30th Sunday OTB
Homily 23Oct2021 LK:13:1-9 YR1 WK29 Saturday

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