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Schedule for 17th September to 23rd September

17th September

Weekday Mass

18th September

Weekday Mass

19th September

Weekday Mass

20th September

Weekday Mass

21st September

Weekday Mass

22nd September

Sunday Vigil Mass

23rd September

Sunday Mass

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September 2018

15th Sunday Vigil Mass, Installation of Rev. Fr. Eamonn Kelly as Parish Priest of Raphoe. Celebrant; Most Rev. Alan McGuckian S.J. Bishop of Raphoe. 19:30 15-09-2018 9th Sunday Mass, Celebrant; Revd. Fr. Eamonn Kelly, P.P. 11:00 09-09-2018 2nd Sunday Mass. Celebrant; Canon Denis McGettigan, P.P. (Final Mass as Parish Priest of Raphoe). 10:55 02-09-2018 1st Sunday Vigil Mass. Celebrant; Canon Denis McGettigan, P.P. 19:25 01-09-2018

August 2018

31st Friday Evening Mass, Celebrant, Canon Denis McGettigan, P.P. 19:30 31-08-2018

June 2018

14th Burial Ceremony for the late May Brolly. 13:40 14-06-2018 Funeral Mass for the late May Brolly. 13:00 14-06-2018 3rd Sunday Mass for The Feast Of The Most Holy Body And Blood Of Christ. 11:00 03-06-2018

May 2018

24th Rosary at the Grotto for Protection of Life in the Womb. 18:55 24-05-2018 19th Blessing Of Graves. 20:15 19-05-2018 Sunday Vigil Mass For All The Faithful Departed, Who Are Interred In Our Cemetery. 19:25 19-05-2018 12th Mass for First Holy Communion. 10:55 12-05-2018 4th Nuptial Mass for the Wedding of Sabrina Curran and Niall Donnelly, 4th May 2018. 12:55 04-05-2018

April 2018

29th Mass for the Sacrament of Confirmation, Celebrant, Most Revd. Alan McGuckian, SJ., Bishop of Raphoe. 11:55 29-04-2018 12th Funeral Mass and Burial Ceremony for the late William Malachy Doherty. 11:50 12-04-2018 Funeral Mass for the late William Malachy Doherty, 11am, Thurs. 12th April 2018 10:55 12-04-2018 7th Mass of Thanksgiving for the 90th Birthday of Maggie Porter, 3pm, Sat. 7th April 2018 14:55 07-04-2018 1st Easter Sunday, Mass of the Lord's Resurrection. 10:55 01-04-2018

March 2018

31st Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil. 20:55 31-03-2018 30th Good Friday, The Way of the Cross. 14:55 30-03-2018 29th Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord's Supper. 19:25 29-03-2018 25th Mass for Palm Sunday. 11:00 25-03-2018 17th 10am Mass for the Feast of St. Patrick. 10:00 17-03-2018 3rd Sunday Vigil Mass 19:30 03-03-2018

February 2018

25th Sunday Mass 11:00 25-02-2018 20th Funeral Mass and Burial Ceremony for the late Geraldine Martin. 11:40 20-02-2018 18th Sunday Mass 10:55 18-02-2018 11th Sunday Mass 11:00 11-02-2018 4th Sunday Mass 11:00 04-02-2018 2nd Weekday Mass 19:30 02-02-2018