Date: 11th - 19th May 2019
Location: St. Eugene's Cathedral, Derry


On Saturday evening (11th May) the Annual Little Way Novena will begin in St Eugene’s Cathedral at 7.30 pm with Mass and the Anointing of the Sick.    Rejoice Folk Group will provide the music.  The focus of the Novena will be healing.  The theme of the Novena is the world is thy ship and not thy home’.

From Monday to Friday there will be Novena Masses at 6.30 am and 10.00 am.  Music at the 10.00 am Mass will be provided by Rosemount Primary School on Monday, St Anne’s Primary School on Tuesday, Nazareth House Primary School on Wednesday, St Thérèse Primary School on Thursday and St Eugene’s Primary School on Friday. Each evening from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm there will be a time of prayer.  During this time there will be a guest speaker and also a time for silent prayer in the presence of the Eucharist. The Cantor will be Anne Marie Hickey and the Organist will be Aidan Watkins.

On Sunday evening (12th May) at 6.00 pm, during a time of prayer and devotions, Bishop McKeown will speak.

The speaker on Monday evening (13th May) is Andrew White. Andrew is an artist who painted a life sized painting of the Last Supper.  A copy of this painting will be displayed in the Cathedral.  There will also be a copy of his painting of Mary holding the dead body of Jesus in her arms.  Andrew will speak about his faith and how painting the Last Supper deepened his faith.  He says – ‘God was waiting for me to surrender my own plan -for He already had His own’.   Music by St Mary’s College.

The speaker on Tuesday evening (14th May) is Fr Pat Collins.  Fr Pat is a Vincentian priest.  His most recent book is ‘Freedom from Evil Spirits’.  He is devoted to the new evangelisation in Ireland.  Fr Pat will speak about the power of God in our lives and the power of evil too.  Music by The Pink Ladies.

The speaker on Wednesday evening (15th May) is Mel Lawless.  Mel was born in the Philippines.  Her father was murdered there when she was a child.  Mel works in Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.  She will speak about her faith and how it helped her to face the challenges of her life.  Music by St Eugene’s Cathedral Choir.

The speaker Thursday evening (16th May) is Barbara Dickson.  Barbara is a multi-million-selling recording artist with an equally impressive Olivier Award winning acting career.  Barbara is from Dunfermline in Scotland.  She will speak about the importance of her faith in her life.

The speaker on Friday evening (17th May) is Archdeacon Robert Millar.   Archdeacon Robert is our neighbour and our friend and he loves speaking at the Novena!  The McGinley School of Music will provide the music.

On Saturday morning (18th May) the10.00 am Mass will be celebrated for all those who have died. 

The Closing Ceremony for the Novena will take place on Sunday, 19th May at 3.00 pm with the blessing of roses and candles.

The Novena promises to be a time of great joy.  It will be an opportunity for people to come to the Cathedral and ask St Thérèse to pray for them and their families.  During the Novena there will be a petition box beside the statue of St Thérèse.  These petitions will be remembered at all the Masses and each evening.  St Thérèse is a very powerful intercessor with God.  Asking her help can bring great healing and peace in life.  There will be a relic of St Therese available each evening.

Fr Paul Farren, Administrator of St Eugene’s Cathedral said, ‘The Little Way Novena has become a very important part of the annual faith life of the Cathedral.  It is nine days when faith is celebrated and many people find great joy and healing.  This year again we are blessed with wonderful people who are willing to share the story of their faith.  I invite everyone to come to St Eugene’s Cathedral to be part of our faith family joined together in prayer and hope.  Also this year we will be displaying two paintings by Andrew White.  These paintings of the Last Supper and the Pieta are life size.  There are wonderful works of art and enable deep prayer and reflection.’