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Holy Mass


Holy Mass


Holy Mass


Holy Mass
Funeral Mass of Bernard McDonnell


Holy Mass



Sunday Holy Mass
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Sunday Holy Mass 12:25 28-03-2021
Holy Mass 09:55 25-03-2021
Funeral mass of Hubert Lawerence 10:55 24-03-2021
Holy Mass 09:55 24-03-2021
Sunday Holy Mass 12:25 21-03-2021
Funeral Mass of Patricia (Patsy) Walsh 09:55 20-03-2021
Funeral mass of Caroline Mooney 10:55 19-03-2021
Solemnity Mass of St Patrick 09:55 17-03-2021
Funeral Mass of Tommy Murphy 10:55 10-03-2021
Funeral Mass of Chris Browne 10:55 09-03-2021
Funeral Mass of Juliana Piedrola Perez 12:55 20-02-2021
Holy Mass 09:50 16-02-2021
Holy Mass 09:50 15-02-2021
Wedding Mass of Mary Escorto and Andrew Brady 15:55 13-02-2021
Funeral Mass of William O'Connor 11:25 11-02-2021
Holy Mass 09:55 08-02-2021
Holy Mass 09:55 04-02-2021
Mass of St Bridget 09:55 01-02-2021
Holy Mass 09:55 29-01-2021
Funeral Mass of Hugh O'Rowe 08:55 23-01-2021
Holy Mass 10:00 22-01-2021

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New Identity: Christ or the World?
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St Therese of Lisieux

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