St David's Church, Mold, Flintshire

St. David's Lane, Mold    CH7 1LH

Phone: 01352 752 087

A warm welcome to all who join us for our daily 10am Mass

Prayer of Spiritual Communion  My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I earnestly desire to receive Your life-giving, healing grace. Acknowledging my many sins and failings, I ask for Your mercy and forgiveness. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come spiritually into my heart and bestow on me all the graces which flow from Your Sacred Heart. I ask You to sustain me in this life with Your presence, and then, when this life is over, to receive me into the joys of Your Kingdom, where with the Father and the Holy Spirit, You live and reign for ever and ever. Amen.



- Daily 10am Mass


Schedule for 18/01/2021 to 24/01/2021
Daily 10am Mass
Daily 10am Mass
Daily 10am Mass
Daily 10am Mass
Daily 10am Mass
Daily 10am Mass
Daily 10am Mass
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Daily 10am Mass 09:55 22-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 21-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 20-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 19-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 18-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 17-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 16-01-2021
Funeral Service: Mary Frances Pedreschi RIP 13:40 15-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 15-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 14-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 13-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 12-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 11-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 10-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 09-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 08-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 07-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 06-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 05-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 04-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 03-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 02-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 01-01-2021
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 31-12-2020
Funeral Service: Mrs. Phyllis Helena Goggin RIP 10:55 30-12-2020
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 30-12-2020
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 29-12-2020
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 28-12-2020
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 27-12-2020
Daily 10am Mass 09:55 26-12-2020
Homily 22nd January 2021 MK 3:13-19 (OTB Yr1 Friday)
Homily 21st January 2021 MK3:7-12
Homily 20th January 2021 MK3: 1-6 (OTB Yr1 Week 2 Wednesday)
Homily 19th January 2021(OTYear1 WK2 Tuesday) Hebrews 5:10-20
Homily 18th January 2021 MK 2:18-22 (OTB WK2 Monday
Homily 17th January 2021 John 1:35-42 (2nd Sunday OT B)
Homily 16th January 2021 MK2:13-17 God of sinners and saints (OT WK1...
Homily 15th January 2021 Hebrews 4:1-5,11 Enter into the rest of God (OT...
Homily 14th January 2021 Hebrews 3:7-14 (OT WK1 Thursday)
Homily 13th January 2021 MK 1:29-39 (OT WK1 Wednesday)
Homily 12th January 2021 MK 1:21-28 (OT WK1 Tuesday) The author, authority...
Homily 11th January 2021 MK 1:14-20 (Ordinary Time Year1, Week1 Monday)
Homily 10th January 2021 Baptism of the Lord MK 1:7-11
Homily 9th January 2021 MK 6:45-52 Christmas Time
Homily 8th January 2021 MK 6:34-44 Christmas Time.
Homily 7th January 2021 Mt 4 12-17 Repent: Have you missed something?
Homily 6th January 2021 Epiphany of the Lord. God has to be sought to be...
Homily 5th January 2021 John 1: 43-51 Christmas Time
Homily 4th January 2021 John 1:35-42 Christmas Time
Homily 3rd January 2021 John 1 The Prologue (2nd Sunday of Christmas)
Homily 2nd January 2020 John 1:19-28
Homily 1st January 2021 LK 2:16-21 Solemnity: Mary, Mother of God
Homily 31st December 2020 Jn 1:1-18 Christmas Octave
Homily 30th December 2020 LK 2:36-40
Homily 29th December 2020 Christmas Octave
Homily 28th December 2020 The Holy Innocents Mt 2:13-18
Homily 27th December 2020 The Feast of the Holy Family
Homily: 26th December 2020 Feast of St. Stephen, Martyr
Homily: Christmas 2020
Homily: 23rd December 2020 LK 1:57-66 (Advent Week 4 Wednesday)