John Hughes: from young emigrant to Archbishop of New York

“People laughed when Archbishop Hughes began to plan a cathedral on what was then the remote 51st Street on 5th Avenue. They called it ‘Hughes’s Folly’, but time would show that ... Archbishop Hughes was ahead of the rest in anticipating the growth and future strategic importance of mid-Manhattan.”

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Des was “a man of great courage”

“Des lived his life by the Christian principles of the gospel. He particularly believed in the life of the unborn,” said Thurles curate Fr Tomás O’Connell.

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Cardinal Schönborn to address family conference in Limerick

There has been controversy about Amoris Laetitia. Some hardliners argue it has gone too far. Others say it hasn’t gone far enough. Some say it is ambiguous – Fr Éamonn Fitzgibbon, MIC.

Remarkable Ministry of Co. Tyrone-born Archbishop of New York remembered

Born in Co. Tyrone to a poor farming family on 24 June 1797, John Joseph Hughes grew up to become the leading cleric of his day in the United States.

One in four in Britain who claim to have no religion admit to praying

The report, entitled ‘The “no religion” population of Britain’, explores recent data from two renowned nationally representative sources.

Tributes paid to Des Hanafin

Former senator who was co-founder of Pro Life Campaign acted “out of a deep personal conviction and went to great lengths to make his point without causing offence to others” – Cora Sherlock, PLC.

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Thought for today

A Willing Servant.


Lord, how often I disown you
as Simon Peter did.
Help me witness for you
and speak as I am bid.

Lord, give to me the courage
to walk the narrow way.
Help me to follow bravely
and guide my steps, I pray.

Help me to serve and honour
the God I call my Lord.
Make me your willing servant
and faithful to your word.

Source: Celtic Prayers & Reflections by Jenny Child.
Saint of the day

Jun 27 - St Cyril of Alexandria (2) 378-444 AD-The Theotokos saint:

Cyril of AlexCyril of Alexandria was a man who loved the truth and did not suffer fools gladly. At a time when the very nature of Christ was being disputed and the future of the Church was at stake, Cyril defended vigorously the faith he felt he had received from previous generations. Fr John Murray PP explains.

In those early centuries after the great events of the Lord's life and resurrection, Christians lived their faith in the risen Christ under constant threat from the Roman empire and its allies. There were controversies of faith but the main threat came from without.

When things settled and the edict of Milan (AD 312) under Constantine gave the Church a measure of peace and stability, the attacks then came from within. The dust