You have a Christian duty to vote on 8 June, Northern Irish bishops tell Westminster electorate

A fundamental responsibility of every follower of Jesus is to transform the world with hope. Every vote in favour of a more just, peaceful and caring society is a concrete and personal expression of that hope.

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Relics of St Oliver Plunkett to be venerated in Cavan next week

All kinds of people, of all ages and all backgrounds, turn up to pray before the relics, seeking St Oliver’s intercession for whatever their own private intentions may be.

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Cistercian College to introduce scholarships for new students

Scholarships announced this week will be awarded for excellence in academics, music, hurling and rugby, and are available to potential seven-day, five-day and day boarders.

Positive news for Pro Life Campaign in weekend poll

Only 23 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of abortion ‘on request’, which contrasts starkly with the views of the Citizens’ Assembly.

Homeless figures reach record levels

This must be seen as a “line in the sand” for the government. “They must see this cannot continue,” says Focus Ireland in week where homeless families were directed to Garda stations for shelter.

Limerick Dominican Sisters host Triduum of Faith

The festival includes 1 pm Mass and devotions, with various events following across the three days, as well as activities for parents and children outside the church.

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Thought for today

Come and save me.


The Christian concept of salvation is not always easy to understand intellectually. There are many ways to describe it – for example, we say, “Jesus is the way” or “Jesus is our Saviour” or “We are saved by faith in Jesus.” However, all our ways of describing salvation focus around the person of Jesus and coming to know him.

It is 2,000 years since the death of Jesus, yet how can we claim to have a relationship with him? This is a mystery – yet, down through the centuries, people continue to claim such a relationship, and many have done so to the point of sacrificing their lives.

The Scriptures do not offer a simplistic answer, but rather they extend an invitation to “come and see”, to open your heart to this mysterious Jesus. Jesus will indeed come, and you will know him.
Let us pray for this saving grace: Lord Jesus, I open my heart to you. Come into my life and save me.

Deirdre Powell

Source: Living Faith, Daily Catholic Devotions (adapted).
Saint of the day

May 29 - St Germanus of Paris (496-576) monk & bishop

germanusSt Germanus of Paris who founded the famous Abbaye de St Germain-des-Près.    Patrick  Duffy tries to trace the story of the saint.

A monk at Autun in Burgundy
Born in 496 near Autun (a Roman city originally called Augustodunum after the Emperor Augustus) in Burgundy and educated at Avallon, Germanus became a monk early in life and after fifteen years was ordained a priest. The local bishop appointed him abbot of the monastery of St Symphorien in Autun.

Frankish kings in Burgundy
At that time the Frankish king Clovis (466-511), under the influence of his wife Clotilde, had become Christian and established his capital in Paris. From there he began to expand into Burgundy and towards the south-east at the expense of the Visigoths. It was Clovis's grandson Theodebert (534-548) who eventually conquered Burgundy, but in accordance with a prediction by Germanus, met an early death.

Germanus becomes bishop in Paris
When Clovis's son Childebert I (496-558) became Frankish king of Paris, he invited Germanus to a synod in Paris, at which the bishop there was deposed and Germanus appointed in his place. From then (555) on, Germanus had great influence over King Childebert. He in turn supported Germanus in building a cathedral (dedicated to St Stephen) and a monastery dedicated to St Vincent and the Holy Cross.

Reputation for holiness and healing
Germanus had a reputation for holiness and healing. He cured Childebert in body and converted him from a licentious life. He had a special care for the poor, for prisoners and for slaves.

Excommunicates Charibert
Charibert, who succeeded Childebert, was not so favourable to the Church. He pillaged its property and led a dissolute life. He married two sisters at once, so Germanus promptly excommunicated him.

germ 4Death and influence
When Germanus died in 576, he was buried in the basilica he had built. Because of his reputation for holiness and for miracles it was then called St Germain-des-Près ((St Germanus-in-the-Fields). His relics, which had a prominent place in the church, were destroyed during the French Revolution. Today the tomb of philosopher René Descartes is located in one of the church's side chapels. The area around the church in Paris is famous for its literary, artistic and student life. The football club won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1996, but haven't figured as prominently in recent years.
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First Reading                 Acts of the Apostles 19:1-8
Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers?

While Apollos was in Corinth, Paul made his way overland as far as Ephesus, where he found a number of disciples. When he a