What Devices can I View the Live Stream on?

It is possible to view the live stream on PC’s, laptops and a range of Apple and Android and other devices.

We also have Roku app – for their TV box and stick

Can I View Recordings?

Recordings are arranged at the discretion of each church. On the main schedule and on each Church page a service that is due for recording shows up in red. If you would like a service recorded please contact each Church directly.

Each recording can be downloaded for future play-back and keepsake. Recordings can be downloaded directly from the CSTV website to a PC/laptop or from the parish website. They can also be converted into DVDs.

Each recording of a daily mass is available for 1 month and then is removed. Services can be stored permanently at the discretion of the Church.

How do I View and Download a Recording?

The steps to view a recorded service are as follows:

  1. From the ‘Churches’ list on www.churchservices.tv select the church you wish to view.
  2. In the space below the player and schedule there is a “Watch Previously Recorded Services” section which lists the most recent recordings of services – if the recording you seek is not there, you can also search by date in the calendar.
  3. To view the service click on the link for that service and it should then start to play in the player.
  4. Should you wish to download a copy of the service, this can be done by clicking on the Download link which is on the bottom right side of the player just under the viewing window where the service is playing.
  5. The stream keep saying ‘buffering’ – what does it mean?

This usually means there is no stream coming from the Church. Live streaming is run at the discretion of each Cathedral or Church and occasionally they are turned off by the church for certain services or time periods.

As the stream is carried by a broadband connection from the church, interruptions to broadband service locally can cause the stream to go down. We monitor streams on a daily basis and are alerted to such events and will get it back live as quickly as possible.

The stream is constantly starting and stopping – why?

This is usually an indication that your broadband speed is too slow to allow the stream to play properly. Check your broadband line speed by visiting www.speedtest.net. Click on begin and wait for the test to run.

What internet browsers should be used to view the site?

Church Services TV supports the following browsers

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Amazon Fire devices need to use Firefox and not Amazon Silk which due to their update in August 2020 we do not support. Amazon Firestick users are recommended to get a Roku stick and use that instead with our specially designed Roku app for that system.