St. Patrick's Church, Bandon, Cork

St Patrick’s Quay, Bandon, Co Cork    P72E862

Phone: 023 8841666
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- Morning Mass


Schedule for 18/10/2021 to 24/10/2021
Morning Mass
Morning Mass
Requiem Mass Paddy O’ Brien
Morning Mass
Requiem Mass Tommy O’ Driscoll
Morning Mass
Morning Mass
Morning Mass
Vigil mass
Sunday Mass
Sunday Mass
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Sunday Mass 12:00 24-10-2021
Sunday Mass 10:30 24-10-2021
Vigil mass 18:00 23-10-2021
Morning Mass 09:30 23-10-2021
Morning Mass 09:30 22-10-2021
Morning Mass 09:30 21-10-2021
Morning Mass 09:30 20-10-2021
Morning Mass 09:30 19-10-2021
Morning Mass 09:30 18-10-2021
Sunday Mass 12:00 17-10-2021
Sunday Mass 10:30 17-10-2021
Graveyard Mass
Stations Of the Cross, Good Friday, Bandon