St. Anne's/Brazilian Chaplaincy, Underwood

Underwood Road, Saint Anne's Church    E1 5AW

Phone: +44 207 247 7833
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- Santa Missa com Adoração


Schedule for 26/07/2021 to 01/08/2021
Santa Missa com Adoração
Santa Missa - Sábado
English Holy Mass - Sunday
Santa Missa - Domingo
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Watch Videos

Santa Missa - Domingo 12:00 25-07-2021
Triduo Santa Ana / Missa 18:10 24-07-2021
Santa Missa com Adoração 19:30 22-07-2021
Mass of Induction of Fr. Patrick L Francischini by Bishop Paul McAllenan...
Formação dos Ministros Extraordinários da S. C. 15:00 27-06-2021
Santa Missa - Domingo 12:00 27-06-2021
Santa Missa - Sábado 19:00 26-06-2021