Church of the Immaculate Conception, Maryhill, Glasgow

2049 Maryhill Rd, Glasgow     G20 0AA

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Although a modern church, the parish of the Immaculate Conception was founded in 1851 and is the 'mother church ' of North-West Glasgow.

We were originally founded to minister to Irish economic migrants fleeing the famine, who came to work on the nearby canal basin and locks.

Conscious of our origins, we are trying to create a parish that reaches out to the whole of Maryhill, now embracing 23 different nationalities.

We are a busy community with three excellent, teeming school, lots of families and many seniors who keep alive our history and memory.

While Covid19 has restricted our outreach and pastoral planning, we still take seriously the call to be a Vatican II community,

"A parish where all are welcome and none are judged".  



Schedule for 02/08/2021 to 08/08/2021

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Sunday 11.00am Mass. 11:00 01-08-2021
Sunday 9.00am Mass 09:00 01-08-2021
Saturday Vigil Mass 5.30pm. 17:30 31-07-2021
Baptism of Isla Murray 10:50 31-07-2021
Funeral Mass for Helen Verrecchia RIP 14:35 30-07-2021
Wedding of Zoe Chatterron & Anthony Peter Hale (Glasgow University...
Parish Mass 10:00 30-07-2021
Parish Mass 10:00 29-07-2021
Parish Mass 10:00 28-07-2021
Parish Mass 10:00 27-07-2021
Parish Mass 10:00 26-07-2021
Wedding of Jennifer Reid and Calum MacDonald 13:50 25-07-2021
Sunday 11.00am Mass - Hollie Trainer's First Communion 11:00 25-07-2021
Wedding of Louise McKee & David Smithyman 12:50 24-07-2021
Funeral Mass for Annette Kelly RIP 14:35 23-07-2021
Funeral of Baby Sophia RIP 11:50 22-07-2021
Baptism of Jessica O'Donnell 13:20 11-07-2021
Baptism of Mhiryn McGregor 12:20 11-07-2021
Wedding of Shelley Burke & Mark Wilson (Glasgow University Memorial...
Funeral Mass for Vera Sheldon RIP 09:50 09-07-2021
Funeral Mass for Margaret Mary Divers RIP 12:50 06-07-2021
Baptism of Owen Fisk 12:20 04-07-2021