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The winners of the May 2021 draw for the 100 club are: 1. Marie Doran (68) £250. 2. Daniel Boyle (55) £150. 3. Fiona Ferguson (136) £100. 4. Rosemarie and Teresa Ferrie (26) £50. 5. Arthur McKee (165) £25. Watch the draw taking place from the video on our parish Facebook page.


Our stream is live 24/7 so please feel free to spend some quiet time virtually with Our Lord, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Even in the dead of night, our sanctuary light will shine for you through the darkness. All masses and other services will be streamed live.

Masses are recorded to be watched again, other services are not recorded. Look at our schedule below for dates and times.

The "Mobile" tab allows us to do outside live broadcasts from other churches and places including St Barbara's oratory. This will be used infrequently. When it is being used, the schedule below will show "Mobile Live" against the appropriate service details.

Weekly and other offerings are essential to our parish. You can donate using PayPal from the button below. Thank you very much.



- Early morning mass


Schedule for 10/05/2021 to 16/05/2021
Daily Mass
Funeral mass for Eileen Duncan
Daily Mass
Daily Mass
Vigil mass for the ascension
Daily Mass
Daily Mass
First Holy Communion
Early Vigil Mass
Saturday vigil mass
Early morning mass
Sunday 10am mass
Sunday midday mass
Times in red are scheduled for recording
All recording requests must be made in advance, directly with the parish.
All times are in your local Timezone - . Current Time:

Watch Videos

Saturday vigil mass 17:30 15-05-2021
Early Vigil Mass 16:00 15-05-2021
First Holy Communion 10:00 15-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 14-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 13-05-2021
Vigil mass for the ascension 19:00 12-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 12-05-2021
Confirmations 19:00 11-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 11-05-2021
Confirmations 19:00 10-05-2021
Funeral mass for Eileen Duncan 10:55 10-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 10-05-2021
Sunday midday mass 12:00 09-05-2021
Sunday 10am mass 10:00 09-05-2021
Early morning mass 08:30 09-05-2021
Saturday vigil mass 17:30 08-05-2021
Early Vigil Mass 16:00 08-05-2021
First Holy Communion 10:00 08-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 07-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 06-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 05-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 04-05-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 03-05-2021
Sunday midday mass 12:00 02-05-2021
Sunday 10am mass 10:00 02-05-2021
Early morning mass 08:30 02-05-2021
Saturday vigil mass 17:30 01-05-2021
Early Vigil Mass 16:00 01-05-2021
Funeral mass for Jim McGoogan 10:55 30-04-2021
Daily Mass 10:00 30-04-2021
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