St. James the Great, Petts Wood

Lakeswood Road, Petts Wood, Orpington    BR5 1BJ

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Masses at St James' are on Mon-Thu 10am, Sat 6pm, Sun 9.15am and 11.00am.  All Masses are live streamed.
Numbers attending each Mass or event will continue to be limited and social distancing will remain.  Masks are no longer mandatory.  However, at St James' we strongly recommend that masks are worn on the church premises.  We need to help each other feel safe.  We also ask that you continue to use hand sanitiser on entering.



- Tuesday Mass (10am)


Schedule for 23/05/2022 to 29/05/2022
Monday Mass (10am)
Tuesday Mass (10am)
Wednesday Mass (10am)
Thursday Mass (9.30am)
Saturday Vigil Mass (6pm)
Sunday Morning Mass (9.15am)
Sunday Morning Mass (11am)
Baptism (1pm) - Brown & Mitchell families
Times in red are scheduled for recording
All recording requests must be made in advance, directly with the parish.
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Watch Videos

Monday Mass (10am) 09:50 23-05-2022
Baptism (1pm) Siddall, Conneally & Vella-Harris families 12:50 22-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (11am) 10:50 22-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (9.15am) 09:10 22-05-2022
Saturday Vigil Mass (6pm) 17:55 21-05-2022
Wednesday Mass (10am) 09:55 18-05-2022
Tuesday Mass (10am) 09:55 17-05-2022
Monday Mass (10am) 09:50 16-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (11am) 10:50 15-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (9.15am) 09:10 15-05-2022
Saturday Vigil Mass (6pm) 17:55 14-05-2022
Baptism (1pm) Chapple family 12:50 08-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (11am) 10:50 08-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (9.15am) 09:10 08-05-2022
Saturday Vigil Mass (6pm) 17:55 07-05-2022
Confirmation Mass (7.30pm) 19:25 03-05-2022
Baptism (1pm) McLoone & Utting families 12:50 01-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (11am) 10:50 01-05-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (9.15am) 09:10 01-05-2022
Saturday Vigil Mass (6pm) 17:55 30-04-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (11am) 10:50 24-04-2022
Sunday Morning Mass (9.15am) 09:10 24-04-2022
Saturday Vigil Mass (6pm) 17:55 23-04-2022
Stations of the Cross (3pm) 14:50 03-04-2022
Stations of the Cross (3pm) 14:50 27-03-2022
Stations of the Cross (3pm) 14:50 20-03-2022
Stations of the Cross (3pm) 14:50 13-03-2022
School Leavers' Mass for parents (10am) 09:55 17-07-2020