Church of the Assumption, Piltown


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Vigil Mass by webcam every Saturday 6.00p.m. Take care with hygiene and hand washing. Remember distancing 2 metres apart Piltown Community Alert is active in the parish. Report suspicious activities. Subscriptions of €10  due. Remember  Offerings  for Lent, Easter etc due now. No parish envelopes have been issued. Please consider giving larger donation to make up for loss of revenue to our clergy who have all been cocooning.



Schedule for 25/05/2020 to 31/05/2020
Times in red are scheduled for recording
All recording requests must be made in advance, directly with the parish.
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Watch Videos

Sunday Vigil Mass 18:00 30-05-2020
Sunday Vigil Mass 18:00 23-05-2020
Sunday Vigil Mass 18:00 16-05-2020
Sunday Vigil Mass 18:00 09-05-2020
Sunday Vigil Mass 18:00 28-03-2020
Sunday Vigil Mass 18:00 21-03-2020
St. Patrick's Day Mass 06:00 16-03-2020
Sunday Vigil Mass 18:00 14-03-2020
Funeral Mass for Kathleen Hagan(Ni Cuddihy) 11:30 14-03-2020
Funeral Mass Eamon Fitzpatrick (The Bishop) 11:00 26-02-2020
Funeral Mass for Noel Christopher Martin 11:00 17-11-2019
Funeral Mass of Elizabeth Cullinane (née Maloney) 10:55 15-11-2019
Funeral Mass of Bridie Hearne 10:55 14-11-2019
Daily Mass 10:00 26-07-2019
Funeral Mass for Liam Carroll 10:55 06-11-2018
Funeral Mass for Johnny O'Shea 10:45 11-10-2018