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LIVE STREAMING FROM ST ANTHONY'S. Live streaming has been restored. Thank you for your patience and for staying with us.   Recording times/Masses Schedule – see below.   For streaming of Masses from other parts of our Local Missionary Area go to or see the newsletter.   Sunday Masses - numbers: there is a limit to the number we can accommodate at each Mass. If you are ill even under “normal circumstances” or showing flu like symptoms, please do not come to Mass. If you have been told to shield yourself, please continue to be careful. Until we can resume public Masses  as normal, the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is removed.

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- Weekday Mass


Schedule for 12/04/2021 to 18/04/2021
Weekday Mass
Weekday Mass
St Bonaventure LMA School Mass
Weekday Mass
Weekday Mass
Saturday Morning Mass
Saturday Vigil Mass
Sunday Morning Mass
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St Bonaventure LMA School Mass 13:45 13-04-2021
Weekday Mass 09:00 13-04-2021
Weekday Mass 09:00 12-04-2021
Sunday Morning Mass 10:45 11-04-2021
Saturday Vigil Mass 17:00 10-04-2021
Saturday Morning Mass 10:00 10-04-2021
Weekday Masses 10:00 09-04-2021
Weekday Masses 10:00 07-04-2021
Weekday Masses 10:00 06-04-2021
Weekday Masses 10:00 05-04-2021
Sunday Morning Mass 10:45 04-04-2021
Holy Saturday Easter Vigil 19:55 03-04-2021
Solemn Liturgy of the Lord's Passion 15:00 02-04-2021
St Bonaventure LMA School Mass 13:45 30-03-2021
Weekday Masses 08:55 30-03-2021
Choir Practice for Easter 12:40 29-03-2021
Weekday Masses 08:55 29-03-2021
Sunday Morning Mass 10:45 28-03-2021
Saturday Vigil Mass 17:00 27-03-2021
Saturday Morning Mass 10:00 27-03-2021
Weekday Masses 08:55 26-03-2021
Weekday Masses 08:55 25-03-2021
St Bonaventure LMA School Mass 14:00 23-03-2021
Requiem Mass for Elsie Mary Johnson 09:40 23-03-2021
Weekday Masses 08:55 23-03-2021
Weekday Masses 08:55 22-03-2021
Sunday Morning Mass 10:45 21-03-2021
Saturday Vigil Mass 17:00 20-03-2021
Saturday Morning Mass 10:00 20-03-2021
Weekday Masses 08:55 19-03-2021