St. Aengus's Parish, Tallaght, Co. Dublin

Balrothery, Tallaght    D24 KW9W

Mass Times for St. Aengus's Church Daily Mass Monday to Friday at 10am Sunday Mass times: Vigil at 7pm (Sat), 10am (Sunday)



- Weekday Mass


Schedule for 25/09/2023 to 01/10/2023
Weekday Mass
Weekday Mass
Weekday Mass
Weekday Mass
Weekday Mass
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Sunday Mass
Sunday Mass
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Requiem Mass for Patricia McManus RIP 10:00 31-08-2023
Requiem Mass for Brian Redmond rip 10:00 26-08-2023
Requiem Mass for Anthony Kearns rip 10:00 25-08-2023
Requiem Mass for Mary O'Toole rip 10:00 24-08-2023
Sunday Mass 12:00 20-08-2023
Requiem Mass for Carmel Treacy RIP 10:00 16-08-2023
Requiem Mass for Christina "Dinah" Finnan RIP 10:00 05-08-2023
Sunday Mass 12:00 23-07-2023
Sunday Mass 10:00 23-07-2023
Requiem Mass for Sean Hennessy RIP 10:00 19-07-2023
Requiem Mass for Patrick Walsh rip 11:00 15-07-2023
Requiem Mass for Karl Casserley RIP 10:00 12-07-2023
Jubilee Mass Fr Gregory Carroll OP 12:00 09-07-2023
Requiem Mass for Alice Browne (nee Mooney) 10:00 07-07-2023
Sunday Mass 12:00 02-07-2023
Sunday Mass 10:00 02-07-2023
1st Communion Ms Kiernan (Sc Iosa) & Mr Butler (Sc Aonghusa Jnr) 12:00...
First Communions Ms.O'Connell's & Ms McGinley's 12:00 18-05-2023
12 noon Sunday Mass 12:00 12-03-2023
Requiem Mass for Caroline Wheeler RIP 11:00 08-03-2023
Requiem Mass for Michael McDonald RIP 10:00 28-02-2023
Requiem Mass for Teresa Tyrrell (nee Reidy) RIP 11:00 28-01-2023
Requiem Mass for Ken Parkes (Balrothery) 10:00 09-01-2023
Mr O'Donoghue's class & Ms Styles's Confirmation 11:30 26-05-2022
Ms O'Leary's Confirmation 10:00 26-05-2022
1st Holy Communion 2nd classes Sc Iosa (Ms Kennedy) & Sc Aonghusa Jnr (Ms...
1st Holy Communion: Sc Aongusa Jnr 2nd classes Mr Kennedy & Mr Gibbon's...