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Current Time: 20:22

August 5th

What's on now

17:20 Daily Rosary, Church of St Anselm & St Cæcilia 17:45 Daily Mass, Redemptoristine Nuns Daily Mass, St. John's Cathedral Limerick 18:00 Daily Mass, Church of St Anselm & St Cæcilia 18:10 Mass, St. Aidan's Cathedral Enniscorthy 18:15 Daily Mass, Mount Argus Daily Mass, Clonard Monastery 18:30 Daily Rosary, St. Mary's Clonmel Tipperary Parish Rosary for Peace, St. Alban's, Macclesfield 19:00 Mass at St Alban's followed by Exposition, St. Alban's, Macclesfield Daily Mass, St. Brigid's Newry Daily Rosary, Drumragh Parish, Omagh Mother of Perpetual Help Novena, St. Mary's Clonmel Tipperary Daily Mass, St. Annes Bailieborough 19:10 Stations of the Cross, St John the Baptist Church Westerham 19:30 Daily Mass, Church of the Annunciation Daily Mass, St. Anne's Parish Shankill Daily Mass, St. Edmund of Canterbury Daily Mass, St Mary of the Angels, Worthing St. Peregrine Novena Mass for the Sick , St. Patricks Derrygonnelly Daily Mass, Drumragh Parish, Omagh